Human Resources

At Total, human resources management is based on the principles of fairness, diversity and equal opportunity, employee dialogue and skills development. They guide our actions and those of our subsidiaries as we strive to attract, motivate and retain the talent we need to meet new geographic and energy challenges.

At Total, we are strategically committed to pooling all our energies so that we can constantly invent the energies of tomorrow. At stake is our ability to meet today’s energy challenges and to drive our future success.

To fulfill this commitment, we have developed ambitious human resources policies, focused on:

Attracting the best

We expect our new hires to meet highly demanding standards, in terms of both background and qualifications. But we also offer extensive career opportunities, in more than 500 professional disciplines.

At a glance

  • 130 countries 
  • 500 professional disciplines 
  • 10,000 new hires per year, of which 56% outside Europe

Developing, rewarding and retaining talent

  • By offering varied and motivating career paths: At Total, you are in charge of your professional growth, in concert with your career manager. You can change jobs, departments, businesses or disciplines. Anything is possible.
  • By developing your skills: A wide range of training programs enables employees to steadily advance in their particular job or discipline, and perhaps change career paths along the way.
  • By nurturing an attractive working environment

At Total, we are committed to fair, diversified and highly motivating compensation policies that reward individual performance. As well, we support a healthy work-life balance, by encouraging part-time work, flextime arrangements and job sharing. 

At a glance

  • Low employee turnover, at just 4% 
  • 200 career managers
  • More than €250 million spent on training each year
  • An opportunity to change jobs every 3 to 5 years for managers

Valuing our differences

One of Total’s core strengths is its diversity, a key factor driving progress across the organization.We are committed to eliminating any trace of discrimination in our hiring and career advancement practices,to promoting gender equality in the workplace and increasing the number of women in management roles, and to integrating and retaining people with disabilities.

At a glance

  •  in 2010, 12% of senior managers are women
  • 82% of new hires in 2008 were non French nationals