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Age Resistance Technology

Feel the time stopping power of Age Resistance Technology.

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Introducing the Age Resistance Technology (ART).

Daily vehicular usage in heavy traffic conditions exposes engines to accelerated aging factors like friction, corrosion and sludge build-up.
These factors affect engine fitness negatively, shortening engine lifespan prematurely, and ultimately leads to engine damage or failure.
As a global leader in lubricants that's committed to put drivers at the heart of what we do, TOTAL understands that our customers require engine oil that maintains and enhances engine fitness.
This is why we continually invest in R&D and formulated the innovative Age Resistance Technology to boost the premium TOTAL QUARTZ engine oil range, used by close to 200 million cars in 150 countries.
In 2014 alone, more than 15,000 hours were spent on research and testing this range, and led to the filing of several patents.

Age Resistance Technology. Taking engine protection and performance to the next level by keeping engines younger for longer – defying not only aging acceleration factors but also harsh and extreme weather conditions.

Key benefits:

  1. ART vs. friction
    ART vs Friction
    Reduces mechanical stress as well as wear and tear thereby extending engine life and performance.
  2. ART vs. corrosion
    ART vs Corrosion
    Protects against oxidation keeping engine parts safe from corrosive chemical attacks.
  3. ART vs. sludge build-up
    ART vs Sludge Build-Up
    Enhances resistance to sludge formation ensuring oil maintains its properties during recommended drain intervals for continuous protection and optimum engine output.

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