Dakar Image Sept 2014  

In 2014, Total, the Dakar’s official partner for over twenty years, will again back this rally, which is an exceptional challenge in the universe of motorsport. Surpassing oneself, solidarity, and exploring the outer edges of what’s possible are the core values of an event that helps people discover inner resources they never even knew they had! Our group has been mustered to ensure the supply of petroleum products in the most extreme conditions. Competence, daring and crossfunctionality are what characterizes our operation. Between know-how and letting people know, the Dakar provides our local branches with a unique platform for exposure and growth. We would like to wish our partner teams good luck, in particular X-raid, which is gunning for its third victory on the bounce.

The Teams

  • Tim X-raid
  • Tim Dessoude
  • Tim Casteu

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