Formula 1

Formula 1

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The historic partnership between Total and Renault that has lasted over 40 years is a perfect example of what a partnership should be. This collaboration in F1 began in 1977 and has always been noted for innovation and on-going dialogue allied to rapid reaction with a single aim in mind – excellence at the pinnacle of motor sport. Together we have scored 21 world championship titles and 155 victories. From the infancy of the turbo era to the V10s and V8s our fuels, lubricants, cooling liquids and greases have always provided a significant gain in power while ameliorating the overall reliability of the mechanical ensembles. This double aim is even more pertinent today as F1 enters a new era.The 2014 season sees the introduction of a major technological revolution with the arrival of a very sophisticated power train. It combines a V6 turbo with two powerful innovative energy recovery systems. In addition, double restrictions on the on-board fuel load and instant fuel consumption read-outs define the new Formula 1 philosophy – optimization of energetic efficiency. This new take will bring Formula 1 even closer to the car industry and the everyday drivers. We’re proud to tackle this new challenge with Renault Sport F1 and our partner teams, Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Lotus F1 Team. Our researchers provide specific products for their engineering counterparts to put the Renault Energy F1-2014, among the most economical power units in the world, on the road to victory. Our F1 methodologies will then be extended to the development of ranges aimed at the general public.


TOTAL’s role in F1

  1. The role of our lubricants
    • • Engine lubrication: our TOTAL engine oils have 3 main functions; they contribute to power and energy saving, they protect the mechanical parts, they help to cool the engine.
    • • Gearbox lubrication
    • • Brake liquid
    • • Cooling liquid
    • • Hydraulic liquid
    • • Grease
  2. The role of our engineers
    • • Modeling by digital simulator
      From 1D to 3D the mathematical modeling and digital simulation with the help of computer tools of how the F1 power units work are vital. Fluids, combustion, heat, mechanical components, systems with multiple interactions and interdependences, all domains are concerned. In collaboration with Renault Sport F1 our engineers have powerful calculation tools to simulate the way lubricants behave at the molecular level.

    • • Analysis and diagnosis
      This season each power unit must compete in five consecutive grand prix so reliability is vital. To help Renault Sport F1 and its partner teams and diagnose the state of health of each engine, Total carries out a diagnosis at the circuits at each practice session of the quality of the oil thanks to a spark spectrometer, which detects the quantities of metals present in the samples.

This year, TOTAL is:

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