TOTAL and CITROËN: Power in Partnership

Citroen 1 45 Years of Partnership

On October 5th, TOTAL and Citroën celebrated their 45th anniversary of partnership during the Rally de France. The association between Citroën and TOTAL started on the late 60s, when Total developed a lubricant for the DS to eliminate the problems of ignition and fouling. Now, the partnership between two companies is growing globally and industrially through technology, trade, training, and motorsports.


The power of the partnership between TOTAL and CITROËN is particularly evident in the field of motorsports: from the 1969 Rally to the extraordinary World Rally Championship 2010 – at the end of which Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena won their seventh title – and Citroen won their sixth victory in the Manufacturers' World Championship.

Both brands have won an impressive string of successes in this astonishing saga. The events have allowed TOTAL to test its lubricants under extreme conditions and ensure optimal performance for CITROËN vehicles.

Sales and Engineering

From the very first days of their teamwork, TOTAL has contributed to the success of CITROËN with its logistic, commercial and technical support. TOTAL not only manufactures high-performance lubricants, it also provides product training and specific promotional and communication tools for the Citroën sales network.


Since the start of their partnership in 1968, TOTAL has supported CITROËN's industrial development on five continents by providing a wide range of automotive lubricants, including engine oils, greases and suspension liquids (LDS). Since 2005, TOTAL ACTIVA INEO ECS 5W-30 oil is the reference oil for the original equipment used in most CITROËN cars.

Research and Development

Over the 45 years of their partnership, CITROËN and TOTAL have made research one of their top priorities. Since their help in optimizing the performance of the DS in 1968, TOTAL's engineers have consistently focused their research on the development of high-performance lubricants for diesel and gasoline engines. The latest developments achieved by TOTAL in the field of high-technology oils have actively helped to reduce the emissions of CITROËN cars.

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