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01/02/2018 Press release



“The number of vehicles increases from year to year and so does fuel demand. We recognize that this is the right moment for us to offer high-quality, 90 octane fuel to answer the consumers’ needs for better fuel,” said Franck Giraud, Managing Director PT Total Oil Indonesia. For consumers, Performance 90 comes with a number of benefits:

  • Imported from Singapore

  • High-quality fuel with excellent capability to maintain engine cleanliness, thus minimizing maintenance cost

  • Enhanced with special additives for otimized driving experience

All of the Performance product series from Total (octane 90, 92, and 95) are enhanced with additives, formulated and imported from France. They are the new generation, multipurpose additives with engine cleanliness feature that is excellent for all types of engine technology and fuel. A series of lab and road test show that the additives have a number of advantages: efficient reduction of deposits in various engine components such as the carburetor, injection system, and others; and they maintain the cleanliness of fuel intake system. These benefits result in better engine protection and driving convenience.

“Cleaner engine and better protection means less maintenance cost for consumers. We call this the ‘3-in-1 effects’, as they generate three effects for consumers to enjoy: protection, performance, and efficiency. The results of the same tests also show other positive indicators, such as smoother engine start and less engine knocking,” Franck Giraud explained.

Franck Giraud also emphasized the importance of using the right fuel as recommended by vehicle manufacturers. “We suggest vehicle owners to choose the fuel that has compatible specifications with the recommendations from car or motorbike manufacturers. This is the key to having enjoyable driving experience.”

Performance 90 complements the series of fuel products from Total in Indonesia, namely Performance 92, Performance 95, and Performance Diesel. The new Performance 90 is offered at a more affordable price than the other variants with the same level of quality. It also solidifies the presence of Total in Indonesia as the leading fuel and lubricant producer that meets the needs of the different auto consumers in the country.

For the time being, Performance 90 is available at Total gas stations in Bumi Serpong Damai, Bekasi, MT Haryono, Raya Pasar Minggu, and Cideng. “We will gradually increase Performance 90 availability at other locations. We hope that by March 2018 consumers will be able to get Performance 90 at any of the 18 Total gas stations in the Greater Jakarta and Bandung areas. We encourage all drivers, cars and motorbikes, to get first-hand driving experience with Performance 90 at their nearest gas station. You may also purchase other Total’s leading products at our gas stations, such as Total Quartz for four-wheeler and Total Hi-Perf for two-wheeler,” concluded Giraud.